Saint Mary’s College of California: Website Relaunch

Design, Product Management, UI/UX Design

Saint Mary’s College of California is a private institution in Moraga, just a few miles East of San Francisco. I work with the Office of Marketing and Communications as a User Interface and User Experience Designer. Most recently the college redesigned and relaunched their refreshed website, modernizing their aesthetic and improving the user journey…

The A Team Creative Agency: Website Relaunch

UI/UX Design

The award-winning Miami-based creative agency, The A Team, works with well known brands (NFL, CNN, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Syfi Channel) to write, design, animate, edit promotional campaigns…

Water 100: Iterative Magazine

Creative Direction, Design, Experimental, Illustration, Photography, Print
A design exercise to visually interpret a subject in 100 different ways.

SF Station: Program Manager – Featured Local Artists

Creative Direction, Design, Product Management, Video
I am the curator of a program that has featured over 60 local artists. Illustrators, photographers and painters are promoted on physical and digital marketing materials and at gallery events which has helped strengthen and grow the art scene here in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as draw attention to the SF Station brand and its support of cutting edge, talented artists.

SF Station: Event Calendar Mobile App

Design, Product Management, UI/UX Design
An update to the UI to improve UX that allowed the user to scroll through many more events in less time instead of swiping one by one.

SF Station: Business Cards

I designed staff business cards as well as multiple iterations of photo cards for photographers to hand out at events.

excociety: Website Relaunch

UI/UX Design

Consisting of Rav, Kill Bill: The Rapper, Scuare and Airospace, exociety announced a 27-city national tour happening in spring of 2022.

Bear Food Cereal Box: Graphic Design

Creative Direction, Design

Package Design for hibernation foods brand Bear Food, 100% blueberries! A continuation of my iterative process with bear(s) as the theme. This product is for bears so they don’t have to spend time foraging around in the forest finding berries, and there are no leaves so it’s optimal food delivery within paws reach to get you ready for hibernation. : )

Upcycle Active Fertilizer: Website Relaunch

UI/UX Design

Partnered with a creative based in Switzerland to realize a new website design and experience based off of an established brand guideline document. See what all the buzz around active fertilizer is about…